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Here is a couple of the main benefits…

First off, soy is an all natural product made from soybeans, a natural source grown by farmers. Candles made from soy burn cleaner with little to no soot being released into your air. Often candles you find are made from parraffin or a mix of the two. Parraffin candles create a large amount of black soot on the jars, on the surface or walls near by, and in your air. Why would you want to breathe that in? That’s almost like breathing in soot from a home that was on fire. You wouldn’t purposely do that. Our Soy candles are non toxic. No chemicals  equals healthier air. Nothing is being released into your home just a beautiful clean scent.

These soy candles also hold scents from essential oils beautifully too. They burn slower that others, so they last longer. You get what you pay for…you may pay a little more for a soy candle, but in turn it will last longer and is healthier.

Imagine this, you had a horrible day, woke up late, maybe got to work late, or had WIFI issues and couldn’t log in for work or school, you spilled your coffee…and the day just got worse from there… well at the end of the day you get your favorite drink or snack , light a candle and sit down. Relax, enjoy the flickering of the light. That flickering can change your horrible day to a better day.  That little light changes the whole ambiance of your room and day, creating a warm and calming environment. This in turn, changes your mental mood. You go from stressed and upset to calm and relaxed.

Your mental health is a huge part of your physical health. If you are under stress and have no way to release some of that and calm down you will in turn start to see the effects physically. Relaxing before bed will also improve your sleep. As we all know a restful night of sleep improves our overall well-being.

I think these are some great reasons to buy a soy candle….What do you think?

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