When it all began

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Being a stay at home mom can be rewarding but also all consuming. Over time it is very easy to forget who you are. You become a mom/nurse/chauffeur/chef/teacher/maid all in one, and it happens so fast, without you even realizing it. I never thought it would happen to me.

One day I realized it did and needed to make a change. Although not an easy one. After having 4 kids, one being disabled, I decided I needed a change. I needed to find myself and something I could do for me to make me happy. Trying to find something was as equally hard as the change. Who knew a pandemic would push me to find my love.

I have always looked for natural ways to be healthy, and essential oils were the way to go. After much research I found so many benefits of Essential oils it was mind blowing.  The next question was how to introduce it into my home naturally where everyone could benefit. Candles! Candles! Candles! Having candles in my home is essential. But was never fond of having chemicals released into the air. Finding a way to produce beautiful candles with essential oils was the best choice for us. When I finally found it I was hooked!

During this pandemic all I could think of was alone time. SO MeTime was born. Taking a candle, filling a bath and enjoying some MeTime is now an essential part of life. This alone time, even for a few minutes has helped me and others cope with being isolated. Producing these candles has changed my life.

I am no longer just an "all in one mom", I am a small business owner helping others create a new sense of peace and healthy living into their home!

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